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About Betty

I was sexually molested and raped by my MUCH OLDER sister’s husband when I was 14 years old, a month before my 15th birthday. It started three weeks after my mom died and I went to stay with my 30 year old sister. They brainwashed me to believe my dad would molest me if I lived at home. I endured it for two years before moving back to live with my dad. By then, my evil sister Dotty Mathison had spread rumors that I had an affair with her fat husband. I got kicked out of my home, dropped out of school, and have been supporting myself ever since. This is my story.

If I Ruled The World

Sometimes I like think about what I would do if I ruled the world.

I would ban all guns. It would be illegal for anyone to possess a gun of any kind. A reward would be offered to people who voluntarily turned their guns in. All guns would be melted down into a monument to all of the children who have been killed by gun violence. All projectile weapons would be incinerated. Not even the police or military would possess them. Police could carry pepper spray and stun guns. Let hunters and the military go back to bow and arrow or swords.

I would have public executions for convicted murderers, rapists, child molesters and animal abusers. People on death row wouldn’t be there for years. There would be no death row. Once proven guilty beyond a doubt, they would be swiftly executed.

Churches would be known as a business, and they would have to pay taxes.

Preachers could not become politicians. Politicians would need to have a law degree. We have too many politicians who doesn’t even know or understand the constitution. And we have too many politicians who preach. This is not conducive for separation of church and state. Politicians who preach would be impeached.

All homes would be furnished with solar panels. All cars would be converted to electric. There would be wind farms in the ocean and fields. There would be no more drilling for oil, mining coal, or fracking for natural gas. We would go completely green and rely on the sun and the wind.

The million dollar jobs would be for teachers, professors, scientists, police officers, firemen, and first responders. Athletes and entertainers would be paid at minimum wage.

A college education would be free.

Police officers would need to be mentally evaluated and determined to be of sound mind and not be a bully looking for a way to legally bully people.

It’s just a thought…a dream…